At the age of 11, Sphynix, took a broken crayon and a torn piece of paper, wrote a note that she was leaving home and walked out the front door of her home.  She ran away. 

Sphynix spent her childhood on the streets of Philadelphia Pa living and moving from home to home as a child in the foster care system.  From the age of 11 to 21, which is the legal age of emancipation from Child Protective Services, Sphynix had lived in 22 different homes.

Today, Sphynix is the owner of GAOM Enterprises, LLC, and the founder of the Sphynix Project. Sphynix is currently working on her freshman album with Grammy Award winning producers Helen Brunner and Terry Jones. She anticipates the release of her debut single in the beginning of 2014.

Sphynix is also, a cast member of new Philadelphia Reality TV show, “ 215 Stilettos”, written by the award winning director and producer Nolbert Brown, Jr.,  and producer Miguel Nunez. 

The Sphynix Project
Mechanicsburg PA 17055
Phone -  845-270-1787
Website: WE.net



The Sphynix Project

Mission Statement:

The Sphynix Project is a Non Profit 501(c) 3 organization who's mission is to meet the basic needs of clothing and life sustaining goods primarily to foster children and then to the general community that we serve.

We intend to provide recycled as well as new clothes and goods primarily to foster children free of charge. Theses goods will also be made available on a need basis to impoverished individuals in the general communities where we operate.

About Us - WE.net

Growing up as a foster child, I had first hand experience lugging a small trash bag of below standard items around from home to home. I repeatedly lost items in transit.....

The Sphynix Project is designed to benefit foster children by clothing them after they leave an RTF and right before they enter a host home. It is designed as a good will/ salvation army store.  Although, the key focus is centered around providing free items to foster care children, we extend our services to the entire community.

At the heart of The Sphynix Project, it aims to change the look of foster care at the ground level for all foster children.  Self esteem and respect for self and others start very early in life. The belief is that the Sphynix Project will help foster children look and feel better about themselves as they are going thru some of the toughest and loneliest times in their young lives. Helping foster care children with some of the basic security needs.