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Reel Social Media Marketing will propel your website to the top of the search engines. We will help you create a video, in English to post on; Youtube, Google Plus and Facebook, with one mouse click!

Contact Us via EMail: Nancy Costa, or give us a call: US. 805 426 5550


Computer Training Online with a live instructor with a Certificate of Completion available for each course.

The National Coalition for Economic Equality has received grants to provide computer training and grant writing services to nonprofit organization that assist ex-offenders and people who are homeless.

There is a $100 participation fee and does include a free grant proposal. Each organization will receive 12 months free consulting services.

For more information please visit our web site or give me a call at 805 426 5550. Each online course is $39.95 and can be repeated at no additional cost.

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WordPress web site samples from our instructor Alfredo Prince, CEO of All-Tech Training:


Learn WordPress online with a live instructor

All-Tech-Training conducts Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Word Press, and Photo Shop Boot Camps.






Contact Us via EMail: Nancy Costa, or give us a call: 805 426 5550. All revenue from Trump Breaking News advertising sales, will be allocated to provide people without living wage skills free computer literacy and grant writing training.

Worlddome Online Technical University

Train The Trainer

The National Coalition for Economic Equality is the bridge you must cross to get to the mountain top. The path to the bridge is in sight, and it is not an uphill path. The name of the path is “Train the Trainer”. Train the Trainer is an online, two day, instructor led, computer training course in the following career paths:

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In addition to teaching your service population web site design, graphic arts, SEO, and SMM we will teach participants how to teach these courses online and onsite.  Training day one, participants will learn the course at the entry or introductory level, and the second day participants will learn how to teach the entry level course.

The total fee for two days of training is $0. There is a $49.95 fee for course material! All courses are delivered via “Go to Meeting, Skype, or Google”, all courses will be archived for repeat viewing.

Training participants must be computer and internet literate. Our primary objectives are to become the largest provider of affordable computer training in the world, and to decrease the gap between the 1 percent and the 99 percent.

We don’t care about what you’ve done in the past; we care about what you will do on the path.

Revenue-Guru Non-Fiction Writers Certified International Grant Writers, and Certified Computer Training Instructors- Corporate Trainers & Non-Profit Management Consultants Established since 1983.